Homeowners and designers that like to add splashes of color to dark or dull areas of a landscape or patio can do so with container gardens. Flower and plant containers can be placed in open spots blending into the natural composition of a perennial flower bed or they can be used as an accent near to enhance the experience. Our designers excel in building, laying out and maintaining these gardens for year round uniqueness and color.


Most homeowners are slow to sharpen their mowing blades and have no idea what the appropriate mowing height for their lawn is. Did you know that mowing your lawn at the wrong height or with dull blades actually does more damage than good? This leads to years of a having a lawn with brown spots or a lawn that just isn't quite as green as the neighbors. Take the guessing out of your lawn and let the lawn care experts at JCP Landscaping mow your lawn. They are efficient, knowledgeable, and affordable.


Lawn fertilizers are nutrition for the lawn. Nutrition is a key factor for a beautiful lawn. Your lawn requires various elements to be healthy. Although a majority of these elements are obtainable from the plants surrounding environment, help is required. The secret to a green lawn lies in providing fertilization during the prime growth months. Our team of experts and products are just what your lawn needs to make your neighbors envious.

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