Man snowblowing his driveway after fresh winter snowstorm.   (Model  & Property Released)

Snow Removal


At Our Landscaping we pride ourselves on being your complete property maintenance company and that doesn't stop when the snow falls. Our attention to detail separates us from the rest of the Long Island snow removal companies. We plow, but we also hand shovel, sweep porches, and apply sand or salt.

For our commercial snow removal clients, you can rest assured that your property is being maintained to the highest of standards. We understand that snow and the ice it brings can be a liability for your business and we are dedicated to ensuring you total satisfaction. Call today for your free snow management estimate.

Enduring the winter can create many challenges. We have the man power and proper equipment to keep you moving with little interruption as possible. Keeping lots, roads, driveways, and walkways snow free during the winter season.

With automatic or on call de-icing services, ongoing monitoring of your property, and 24/7 reliable winter service, we will be committed to maintaining safe surfaces during the winter. Call us to see how we can help!

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