Landscape beds benefit from landscape edging. In addition to creating a well-defined border on a flower bed, edging helps prevent the spread of stoloniferous grasses into the bed area. Stone edging has a great benefit in that it does not have to be re-cut or re-done year after year. It is a more permanent solution to your landscape edging problems.


Retaining walls serve a purpose, they hold soil at bay. This does not mean a retaining wall can't be beautiful and add elegance to your property. De Landscapingand Masonry has a variety of retaining walls to suit your needs. No matter if we are matching an existing landscape or going for a whole new look,our Landscaping is the one stop you can't afford to miss.


Like all stone and rock, retaining walls eventually break down due to weather and other damaging factors. Cracks and breaks in a retaining wall are especially dangerous since a weakened structure could collapse at anytime under the pressures of the soil it was built to retain. Cracked and broken retaining walls can also lead to flooding in your home. Often retaining walls use the soil and earth to soak up runoff from gutters and undulations in the lawn. If your retaining wall is cracked or you suspect it is weakening, don't hesitate, call DelandscapindandMasonry Landscaping today and we will be happy to inspect the structure and provide a solution.

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